Fezhead Towers

Fezhead Towers

(near Camber, Kent, England.)

The Fabulous Fezheads Spiritual Home (Copyright The Fabulous Fezheads)
Fezhead Towers represents a dream come true for The Fabulous Fezheads. Not only was it largely funded by the proceeds of the “Fjord Fiesta” tour of Norway, (in which Ned’s dances featured prominently), but being near Camber, it is situated near Ned’s retirement home.

In fact, each year, on the anniversary of his death, The Fabulous Fezheads make a pilgrimage to his favourite pub, The Taffy Can. A wassail bowl modelled on one of Ned’s Fez is solemnly passed around at exactly 9.47pm, a truly significant time.

The picture you see before you, is Fezhead Towers as it is today. When originally purchased in the early eighties, it was largely derelict (hence the Fabulous Fezheads being able to afford it!). Serious renovation was undertaken, principally by The Fezheads themselves. Obviously some trades cannot be found amongst their number, electrician for example, but they gamely sent The Flying Cleggett in to fix the main fuse, which is the main reason he has the name he has today. It is also the story behind what appears to be a birthmark on his lower left buttock.

Unfortunately this incident did lead to more renovation being required to the South facing eaves, but the hole in the wall was capitalised on to make a new window. Much appreciated by those who now use the Jigsaw Puzzle room.

Luckily, the amount of room in Fezhead Towers means that everybody has their own room. There is also now a practice suite in the basement and a bar directly above it. The kitchen and pantry are obviously very important, the latter containg a special area for cooling Beer and Wine.